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  • Episode 279: 279 FridayAfterWorkAffair by eSkay March 9, 2023
    Track listing 1. J. Axel, Eva Essa, Atjazz - Turned Your Back (Atjazz Remix)2. MF Robots - The Love It Takes ( Atjazz Remix) 3. Reel People - Butterflies ( Emmaculate Dub) 4. Steal Vybe - For You ( Chris Forman's Main Instrumental Mix) 5. DJ Said, Cee EIAssaad - Fela Is Everything ( Original Mix) 6. MonsieurWilly, Funky French […]
  • Episode 278: 274 FridayAfterWorkAffair by Jigga January 26, 2023
    Lovely (Gabriel Rene Mix)  - Soulstice, Gabriel Rene    *  Broken Pieces (Jam Session) - FridayAfterWorkAffair  *Save The Children (Original Mix) -  Essential I        * Always be your lady (Main Vocal) - Suges, Syreeta Neal      *  God's Poetry (Main Mix) - Dav Risen, Words By Shawn       *  My Super Star (Laroye Remix)- […]
  • Episode 277: FridayAfterWorkAffair by Ntsigo (Guest) January 19, 2023
    1. Nuno Estevez - At Home With House ( Matthias Vogt Remix)2. Alias - Family Reunion (Original Mix)3. Mario Basanov - More For The Less (Mario Basanov Redub)4. Nutty Nys - Endless (Taints Remix)5. MK Jay SA - Side By Side (Original Mix)6. Forteba - Brand For Clients (Original Mix)7. Roque - I Need To […]
  • Episode 274: FridayAfterWorkAffair GuestMix Mbasa December 1, 2022
        1.June Jazzin - We pray Reprise Intro     2. Zulu Mafia-Bring back the soul(Original)    3.Khensy- Hiya Kaya the Return (QB's Bootleg)     4.Sir Mos & Blizzard Beats- My Obsession (Dub Mix) ft Jus Garden     5.David Harness, MdCL- Harmony     6.QB Smith ft MdCL, Brian Themba - Man of summer     7.Rabs […]
  • Episode 273: 271 FridayAfterWorkAffair by tek November 24, 2022
    Yass & M'Dee Feat Jay – October Lady Alma – Chances Selan – Gravity (Roots Dub) FridayAfterWorkAffair - Soulution (Theo's Late Nite Mix) V.underground, Beat Soul - The Bridge D-Compost, Rona Ray - Loose Control (Fizzikx Vibe n Soul Instrumental) MF Robots - The Love It Takes (Atjazz Remix Instrumental) PolyRhythm, Sheleah Monea, Doug Gomez […]

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